Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Training

Unmatched Realism

Miami AirSoft offers a unique real world environment specifically designed to maximize your tactical training experience. We understand the constraints and challenges agencies face in today’s ever changing world. We offer a variety of training environments and are able to customize any scenario to meet your needs. Join the multitude of fast growing Agencies that have realized the potential this form of training offers.

Advantages of Miami Airsoft’s Facilities

For Law Enforcement professionals, we understand the importance of ongoing training in weapons and tactics in order to maintain mission readiness. Unfortunately, many agencies simply do not have the resources necessary in order to train as often as they would like. In a perfect world, we would all have a 360 degree live fire shoot house and an unlimited supply of ammunition with which to train. In reality, ammunition costs and availability, as well as the lack of live fire training facilities severely limit our ability to conduct realistic training exercises.


The lightweight projectiles used in airsoft weapons eliminate the hazards associated with live fire and simulated ammunition training. Officers can participate in training with simple eye/face protection and light clothing. The 6mm pellets will cause a welt upon striking bare skin, but they will not cause any permanent injury. Due to the low power projectiles, training can be conducted in any available building with little or no damage to that building.

More bang for your training buck!

  • Special Tactics/Emergency Response team training
  • Use of Force training
  • Defensive Tactics training
  • Police Cadet training
  • Team Tactics training
  • Weapon handling, safety, and presentation training
  • Active Shooter training
  • Force on Force training
  • Room or Building Clearing training