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Civilian Training Classes

Miami Airsoft offers a different variety of training and courses, if you are looking for elite instruction and information at a price that won’t break your budget, Miami AirSoft is your solution. It is our mission to help you protect yourself and your loved ones as well as take your personal and professional skills and knowledge to the next level.

Summer Camps

Miami Airsoft Summer Camp (June 8th - August 21st 2015)




Monday – Friday : 9AM – 3PM (Lunch Provided!)


  • Classroom instruction: Rules, Regulations, Safety.
  • Drill Sergeant: Physical & Mental endurance training.
  • Rifle Weapon Handeling / Marksmanship.
  • Putting it all to the test!
  • Obstacle Course, Marksmanship Course.


  • Classroom instruction: Rules, Regulations, Safety.
  • Drill Sergeant: Physical & Mental endurance training.
  • Basic & Advance Pistol/Rifle Operation.
  • Weapon Transition
  • Magazine Changes
  • Shooting while kneeling & prone.
  • Shooting at moving targets.
  • Shooting while in motion.
  • Shooting from and around cover.


  • Classroom instruction: Rules, Regulations, Safety.
  • Drill Sergeant: Physical & Mental endurance training.
  • CQC Movement
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Paired Movement.
  • Team formation.
  • Building / Room Clearing / Entry
  • Mission planning Tactics

Class Schedule

June 8-12: Basic Training(CLASS FULL)
June 15-19: Tactical Shooting(CLASS FULL)
June 22-26: Small Units Tactics(CLASSFULL)
July 6-10: Basic Training(CLASS FULL)
July 13-17: Tactical Shooting(CLASS FULL)
July 20-24:  Small Units Tactics(CLASSFULL)
July 27-31: Basic Training(CLASS FULL)
August 3-7: Tactical Shooting(CLASS FULL)
August 10-14: Small Units Tactics(CLASSFULL)

Class Details and Requirements


  • Ages 10 and up only
  • Airsoft rifle & pistol required
  • BB’s not supplied
  • Classes must be taken in order


  • Drop Off 8AM – 9AM
  • Pickup 3PM – 4PM



Lunch Provided!
(From Quiznos, Jason’s Deli, Shorty’s BBQ, Chipotle and Hooters)


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AirSoft 101 (Introduction to Airsoft) - Free Class

First Tuesday of Every Month

Class Start every hour on the hour. (class is 1 hour long)

4:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
8:00 pm

What will be discussed:

  • Gun Safety
  • Type of AirSoft Guns
  • Proper operation of AirSoft gun
  • AirSoft gun maintenance
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EMG Training & Consulting

EMG Training and Consulting, Inc. is recognized for their basic and advanced Reality Based Scenario Training courses. EMG Training and Consulting, Inc. is owned by an active duty Law Enforcement Officer in a large metropolitan police department in South Florida, supervising a proactive investigative unit.

With the use of certified professional and experienced instructors, trained tactical role players, a modern state of the art training facility and equipment; EMG Training and Consulting, Inc will engage students in Real World Scenarios that will allow them to hone and perfect their personal safety and defensive skills.

These scenarios are based on real world events, yet can be tailored to meet the specific training needs of individuals or groups. With the use of time proven training methods the students will receive up to date instruction on how to safely, legally and effectively use a concealed handgun or firearm for self-defense.

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GODSPEED Firearms School

Interactive Situational Pistol Craft

Part of our Mission is to pour into our student, best practices that could improve their shooting experience and potentially save their lives! This is a three hour, Action Packed session that takes place with Live Attackers in an AirSoft Arena! We start-off with some Warm-up Drills at the AirSoft Pistol Range and then move to Interactive Situational Shooting. With thisInteractive Situational Pistol Craft class, our instructors will share with students some of the industry’s best practices around the following areas:

Training Areas
  • Kneeling Positions
  • Rollover Prone Position
  • Point Shooting
  • Instinctive Shooting
  • Multiple Threats
  • Breaking Tunnel Vision
  • Use of Cover and Concealment
  • Movement to Cover
  • Shooting from behind Cover
  • Backward and Lateral Movement
  • Presentation from Seated position
  • Presentation while lying on your back
  • Low Light Shooting Best Practices
  • Flashlight Techniques
  • Advanced Trigger Control
  • Advanced Sight Picture
  • Avoid, Evade and Counter
  • Controlled and Accelerated Pairs
  • Shooting on the Move including Lateral Moves
  • Multiple Target Acquisition Best Practices
  • Close Quarters Best Practices
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While there are no pre-requisites, it is best if the student has taken formal training or has a basic knowledge of firearms in order to have a successful Knowledge Transfer. We will provide every student that registers with a Study Guide which will prepare them for their Training day. The max. number of students for this session is 10 Students (Minimum is 5 students).

Student will be provided with:

This is a 3 hour training session for: $120 per student

This training runs Monthly on the 4th Sunday of every month from 7am to 10am at Miami AirSoft

Call (754) 444-6007 to register for a class

Law Enforcement  Trainers / Instructors