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Walk-in Store

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Centrally located in Miami
  • Thousands of products

Gear Rental

  • Body and Face Protection
  • Pistols and Rifles Selection
  • Competition Grade Ammo
  • Tech Services

Training Center

  • Weapon handling  safety training
  • Room or Building Clearing training
  • Active Shooter training
  • Force on Force training
  • Simunition / FX Training System

Online Store

  • Choose from thousands of products!
  • Convenient and easy
  • Coming Soon !

About Miami Airsoft


Miami AirSoft is South Florida’s premier indoor AirSoft Arenas and Training Center.

The Facility offers Multiple Urban environments for the
use and training of an AirSoft weapons system. Miami AirSoft works with a
vast network of Trainers, Instructors and Law Enforcement agencies to offer
instruction for Professionals and Civilians. Come to Miami AirSoft to
experience the most unique real world environment available.

  • Pro Shop

    • Large AirSoft Showroom

    • Tactical Gear Sales

    • Accessories and Supplies

    • Gun Testing Range

  • Tech Services

    • AEG and GBB Repairs

    • Up-grades and modifications

    • Customizing and Paint work

    • Testing and Adjustments

    • Out of Town Shipping

    Visit our Tech Page

  • Volunteer

    Join our team and volunteer with Miami Airsoft.
    Arena Range Safety Officer / Community Service

What others say about us

Hey guys I have to say that Miami Airsoft has got to be the BEST!! Airsoft field/store in South Florida!!! The staff is awesome and very helpful, Refs do a great job at running the games and checking each gun’s FPS so that everyone can have a safe and fun time…. Thanks Miami Airsoft!!!!

Joshua O. ArguellesFacebook

Best cqb arena in south Florida hands down. Even better the staff is really nice and they aren’t too strict. Very helpful also.

Jareth TornesFacebook

By far the best airsoft experience I’ve had. Picture Battle Field 3 close quarters in real life. Staff is great and the layout is spot on.

Brian GuevaraFacebook

can’t get any better than this field if you’re in south florida wanting to play some airsoft

Skylar LuFacebook

wow! This place is amazing! and the staff is super nice… they even upgraded my AK and now it’s shooting really fast! Totally recommend!

Arian AcostaFacebook

Amazing. Just Amazing.

Bob SmithFacebook